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About Us

At Blue Giraffe....

We understand that at times we all can lose our passion, our drive, or even our way in today's fast paced and connected world; in fact; sometimes we can even lose ourselves. These times can be very confusing, dark, and bleak.

During these times we may be looking for a listening ear, a guiding hand, or a large heart to communicate with. Or, we may be looking for some business or personal advice.

We can help...

Regardless of whether you are looking for personal counselling, business consulting, mediation, or simply a listening heart, at Blue Giraffe we are here to help you achieve your goals; even if you are unsure what those might be.

Our Services

Life & Leadership Coaching

We firmly believe that every person is one whole person and no attempt should be made to have a work and a personal self. Responsibilities and such may differ, but we are and remain the same core person in all capacities. 

Personal Counselling

When life does not seem to be delivering on our expectations, there are times when we all need to reach out. If this is one of those times, please contact us today!

Youth & Child Mental Health

There is no question that in our driven and connected society we are experiencing a decrease in child and youth mental health. During this time we need to remain focussed on teaching children the skills to adapt to the lives they are living.


Our relationships don't always work out as intended and there are times when we are not even able to resolve our differences without getting into conflict. At Blue Giraffe we can help you when you are experiencing conflict and feel the need for mediation and conflict resolution.

Communication Coaching and Conflict Resolution

Do you ever wish you would have said something just a little differently to avoid a conflict. Do you find you struggle with really saying how you feel without offending others? Using a model called Non Violent Communication, we can help!

Business Consulting & Organizational Health

With several decades of business experience in a variety of fields in both profit and non-profit organizations, we not only speak the language of business, we can also help you achieve your goals; or, even get you started with setting your goals!