Blue Giraffe


About - William Klaassen, BA, MC, RCC

William is the founder and principal of Blue Giraffe Consulting.

Having a background in Information Systems and Systems/Process Design, combined with a Bachelor's Degree in English and a Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology, William brings an unparalleled passion to understanding the fundamentals of not only the entire organization, but also each individual person and what contribution they have to the health of any organization. This understanding then translates into a very effective consulting experience for all involved.

Throughout the past 20+ years William has owned, worked in, and managed IT firms, blueberry farms, construction businesses, and also a non-profit organization. Further to this, he has also worked in several non-profit and for-profit organizations in various capacities and is also a certified school teacher with several years experience teaching grades 7-12.

With a firm belief that leadership is influence and that everyone is a leader in their own right, William is passionate about helping every leader reach their potential.

Making Chilliwack home with his wife and six beautiful children, William is passionate about helping others achieve both their goals and their personal emotional and/or organization health.


"William is very approachable, easy to listen to, with a good sense of humour"

"Well spoken, knowledgeable, and honest"

"[William] delivers engaging presentations that appeals to all learning styles, and is rooted in real life examples"

"Very receptive to questions and challenges; delivers thoughtful and empathic responses"

"Enjoyed [William's] style, openness, and skill level"

"Extremely passionate and compassionate"

"William not only shared his experiences, knowledge, and skills; he also modelled what he was sharing in all of his interactions"

"I trusted William and his message"


A list of our recent clients include, 

  • Finning Canada
  • YMCA
  • Jakes Construction
  • Klaassen Farms
  • Ministry of Children and Family Development
  • Ann Davis Transition Society
  • School District #33 
    • McCammon Traditional
    • Rosedale Traditional
    • Central Elementary
    • Vedder Elementary
  • Private Schools
    • Highroad Academy
    • Unity Christian School
    • Mount Cheam Christian School