Our Services


Life & Leadership Coaching

We understand that at times we all can lose our passion, our drive, or even our way in today's fast paced and connected world; in fact; sometimes we can even lose ourselves. These times can be very confusing, dark, and bleak.

It is during these times that we may be looking for a listening ear, a guiding hand, or just a large heart to bounce ideas off of.

Regardless of your background, path, or goals, we can help you achieve, or even help set your goals and keep you on track.

We believe in a model of transformational leadership that is embodied through Servant Leadership and based on unrelenting values-based decision making skills.

Communication & Conflict Resolution (Mediation) Coaching

Do you ever wish you would have said something just a little differently and could have avoided a conflict? Do you find you struggle with really saying how you feel without offending others? Or, do others sometimes say things that offend you when you know it should not have that effect on you? 

We believe, using a model called Non Violent Communication (NVC), that everyone can not only learn to communicate exactly and honestly what they feel, but everyone can also learn to empathically hear what others are needing rather than just the words they are saying. 

If this sounds like something you would love to hear more about, contact us; we are always more than happy to share.

Business Consulting & Organizational Health

With several decades of business experience in a variety of fields (both profit and non-profit organizations), we not only speak the language of business, we can also help you achieve your goals; or, even get you started with setting your goals!

Whether your business is construction, farming, technology, or in the service industry, we have experience. With over 20 years of experience managing (and owning) various businesses across multiple disciplines we not only speak the language of business, we also combine this with our psychology and counselling background (and a solid foundation of Servant Leadership) to offer you a complete and holistic approach to running a healthier organization and while were at it, make running your business enjoyable again!

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your business get and stay healthy!

Workshops, Training, & Keynote

Do you have a team that you work with or lead and are wondering how to take them to the next level? Are you wondering how to get that team engagement as well as solid communication amongst the members to achieve the results? We have a variety of workshops that we have delivered many times that can help with anything from Culture, Org Health, Communication, and Productivity that will certainly positively impact your team. Furthermore, we can tailor any of these workshops to your unique team!

Personal Counselling

When life does not seem to be delivering on our expectations, there are times when we all need to reach out. If this is one of those times, please contact us today!

Child & Youth Mental Health

There is no question that in our driven and connected society we are experiencing a decrease in child and youth mental health. During this time we need to remain focussed on teaching children the skills to adapt to the lives they are living.

Although there are many models and theories when it comes to youth mental health, at Blue Giraffe we believe that every child wants to do well and tries to do well within the capacity they have. However, there are times when their capacity gets exceeded by the demands placed on them and this is when maladaptive behaviours become evident. Mainly using a blend of several models (Collaborative & Proactive Solutions, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focussed Therapy, and Narrative Therapy) we can help both you and your child understand each other better and learn to communicate in a way that is beneficial for all.